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D i g i l y Ltd. is a company specialized in the remote sale of identification products type wristbands. The company D i g i l y Ltd. sells its products remotely either via the Internet network (site or email) or on the phone.

The D i g i l y Ltd. company owns no store outside its website. All products sold by D i g i l y Ltd. are listed on the company's website. The D i g i l y Ltd. company does not distribute paper catalog.


1.1 These general conditions of sale govern the sale of the products found on company website on the day of placing the order.They apply irrespective of whether the order was placed via Internet, e-mail or on the telephone.

1.2 When the customer is an individual, he may place an order with D i g i l y Ltd. either directly through the company's website, e-mail or by telephone. When the customer places his order through the site, he fills in his own details in an appropriate form.The customer is invited to reread his form before confirming his order.The company D i g i l y Ltd. is not responsible for errors in sending e-mail or errors in sending parcels due to an incorrect form.

The customer is responsible for the information he/she provides.These will appear on his bill.No invoice changes will be made by D i g i l y Ltd.after shipment.

1.3 Any order implies unconditional acceptance of these terms of sale regardless any general conditions of purchase and annotations of the purchaser.

1.4 All price offers have a validity of 1 month.After this time, D i g i l y Ltd. is no longer linked to its offer and the quote will be considered refused.

1.5 The fact that the customer validates his order automatically implies the express acceptance of these general conditions of sale.These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, except from the conditions signed in writing by the parties. Purchasing by email, phone, fax or mail also implies acceptance of them. They can be read directly on the site or sent by e-mail, fax or post on simple request.

1.6 The present conditions are modifiable at any time, the customer is thus invited to read them regularly. Each version hereof has a specific date, orders are therefore governed by the terms and conditions online and therefore in effect at the date of the order.

1.7 The final execution of a printing order can only be made after the customer has approved print preview (BAT).

BAT is a test that does not have the quality of the final printing process;therefore, qualitative tolerances are applicable, which you acknowledge and accept.

Qualitative tolerances:

Despite the care provided by D i g i l y Ltd. In the selection of its products, there may be slight differences between the BAT and the final production.

This concerns in particular:

- the colours of the maticre: there may be shading between the BAT and the production, as well as in the production itself.This is inevitable because of the different baths used to dye the maticre.Depending on the quantity ordered, it is sometimes impossible to dye everything in one bath (each bath may have a different shade).

- the colours of the marking: the printing process and the inks used are different for the BAT and for the production itself, the rendering may be slightly different (especially if the background is dark and the ink is light-coloured).

- sizes: according to the standards of the textile industry, a tolerance of +/- 5% is tolerated.

- the weight or thickness of the material: according to industry standards , a tolerance of +/- 5 to 8% is tolerated.

The variety of media and marking techniques, as well as the constant evolution of the inks used do not allow to obtain each time a hue and a gloss according to Pantone references that you possibly provided.

1.8 Anti-fraud control: the company D i g i l y Ltd. can be brought to ask the customer all the information necessary for the treatment of the order: proof of address, ID ... etc


2.1 For printing orders, delivery times are calculated from the approval of print preview (BAT), without reservation.The responsibility of D i g i l y Ltd. can not be engaged in case of late delivery.

2.2 Delivery dates are only indicative and no penalty clause can be applied for late delivery.

2.3 For all printed media, D i g i l y Ltd. will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations even if the quantity of goods delivered to the customer is higher or lower than that stipulated in the offer or accepted order, up to a limit of 3%.

2.4 In the case that the LOGOS are provided by the purchaser, the liability of D i g i l y Ltd. can not be engaged if the support provided is the origin of the manufacturing defect.


3.1 Application.

According to the legislation in force locally, the products are taxed (local VAT, granting of sea, customs duties) on arrival, said taxes are at the expense of the customer except specific contractual provisions between the parts.

For more information,D i g i l y Ltd. strongly advises the customer to get in touch with the local authorities.

The invoice accompanying the goods certifies that the VAT has been paid.

The VAT number must be entered when placing the order and validated by us.The customer is aware and accepts that any order whose VAT number has not been completed or validated by us will be charged VAT.

3.2 Rates

The VAT rate applied depends on the country of the items delivery. It is a percentage of the value of goods sold.


4.1 Our delivery times are given as an indication.Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and travel days prohibited to carriers are not taken into account within the announced deadlines.

Delays of delivery do not give place for the customer to have benefits or compensations, nor the possibility to cancel the order.

4.2 The date of the transit advice note filed by the carrier, if applicable, will be considered as the delivery date. The date of delivery of the transport notification submitted by the carrier shall be deemed to be the delivery date.

4.3 The prices excluding taxes shown on the website do not include transportation.

4.4 Unless otherwise agreed, the equipment sold by D i g i l y Ltd. is transported at the risk and peril of the buyer.

4.5 Packages must be accepted only after verification of their contents by the buyer.

4.6 Receipt of the package

Packages are delivered against signature by the recipient.

Shipments are in the form of cardboard or padded envelopes.

Any product delivered must be checked and any reservations must be on the carrier's bill in case of partial or total damage. Unreservedly, the product is deemed to be delivered in good condition and can not be the subject of any subsequent dispute with D i g i l y Ltd. It should be remembered that if the recipient wishes to preserve his complaint against the carrier, it is his responsibility to formulate his reasoned complaint to the carrier within 3 days (not including holidays) following the day of delivery.This claim must be made by email.

Any unclaimed parcel returned to D i g i l y Ltd. may be reforwarded at the consignee's expense.

4.6 Error on the delivered product:

Upon receipt of the parcel by the customer, any claim of nonconformity of products in kind, in quality or in quantity compared to the indications appearing on the invoice must be expressed by e-mail to the company D i g i l y Ltd. Any complaint of nonconformity must be made before 10am the working day following the delivery of the parcel.Any claim not made in the rules defined above and within the time limits can not be taken into account and release the company from any liability towards the customer.

4.7 The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer when placing his order on the company website or on the purchase orders (administrative mandate).

4.8 Deliveries are made by GLS / UPS / DHL

D i g i l y relieved of its obligation to deliver on time in the event of a strike or stoppage by GLS, UPS or DHL companies.

The deadlines given on the site are only indicative and correspond to the average time of processing and sending the order.The time indicated is not a deadline. Exceeding the delivery time may never have given rise ot any reason of a compensation or retention.

D i g i l y Ltd. is released from any responsibility.


5.1 Orders are settled either:

- prepayment when the order is made (credit cards, paypal, check, bank transfer or western union)

- after the delivery of the goods (subject to agreement with D i g i l y Ltd.) and the payment of a deposit the amount of which will be defined with D i g i l y Ltd. )

5.2 Failure to Pay : The D i g i l y Ltd. Company reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a customer who has not settled in whole or in part a previous order or with whom a litigation would be under administration.

5.3 Any delay in settlement (or postponement of due date) will automatically entail the billing of late interest at the legal interest rate plus three points and the immediate exigibility of the sums due.

5.4 The prices mentioned on the company website are indicative and may change during the year.

5.5 The customer may benefit from a discount depending on the quantities acquired.


6.1 In case of cancellation of the order by the purchaser, the deposit paid by him is non-recoverable and will be kept by D i g i l y Ltd.

6.2 Assuming the D i g i l y Ltd. has incurred costs to respond to the order of the purchaser, it is the purchaser who will be liable for all amounts owed to D i g i l y Ltd. under this order.

6.3 Cancellation of order: Any customer can cancel his order as long as it is not in PROCESSING status, that is to say when it is in WAIT.

If the customer really does not want the products he has ordered, there are two possibilities:

- In case of delivery by the services of the post, he must refuse the package upon receipt, that is to say, return without opening it with the reference "parcels refused";

- In case of delivery by a carrier type GLS or UPS , the customer must accept the package and return it, unopened, at his expense, under penalty of having his refund lowered 2.5 times the shipping costs charged at the time of the command.

Cancellation of orders paid by bank transfer or PayPal.

A - Prepayment by bank transfer

For any order paid and cancelled for which the items ordered are in stock or not at the time of cancellation, a refund of the amount paid will be made by bank transfer exclusively within 30 days.

B - PayPal Prepayment

For any order paid and cancelled for which the items ordered are in stock or not at the time of cancellation, a refund of the amount paid will be made by PayPal exclusively within 8 days.


7.1 In accordance with Article L121-20-12 of the Consumer Code (as amended by Law No. 2010-737 of 1 July 2010 - Article 59 and transferred by Law No. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 - Article 9 (V) , the customer has a period of fourteen calendar days to exercise his right of withdrawal from the date of receipt, to return the products ordered, for refund ( after deduction of one-way shipping costs), provided that the product has not been used and is returned in its original and complete packaging.

In accordance with the Act, this provision does not apply to custom-made products.

7.2 Before any return, the customer must inform D i g i l y Ltd. by email his reasons for the return of the goods.

7.3 The cost of return and the risk of damage to the goods remain the responsibility of the purchaser.

7.4 After acceptance by D i g i l y Ltd. of the returned merchandise, it will proceed to the refund of the order, after deduction of the forwarding expenses.

7.5 In the event of an exchange request, the new product will be shipped at the acquirer's expense (excluding the printing order).

7.6 Concerning the printed wristbands (with marking): Due to the unique and purchaser customized nature of the products, it is expressly specified that no return, no refund, as well as no claim for damages and interests may be requested

7.7 Refund of returned orders

A - Prepayment by bank transfer

For any order paid and returned, a refund of the amount paid will be made by bank transfer exclusively within 30 days.

Payment will arrive from bank account number : SK2083300000002601843440 , Bank : Fio Banka a.s., SWIFT : FIOZSKBAXXX

B - PayPal or Card Prepayment

For any order paid and returned, a refund of the amount paid will be made by PayPal or Bank card exclusively within 8 days.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, D i g i l y Ltd. reserves the right to reproduce one or more photographs of the products it has produced for the customer on its website as a reference or illustration.


9.1 In accordance with the legal provisions (Law of May 12, 1980 and Law of January 25, 1985), the goods delivered remain the property of D i g i l y Ltd. until full payment of the price.

9.2 The risk charge will be transferred to the customers at the delivery of the goods.

D i g i l y Ltd.

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